Play Tennis in Tenerife at Santa Barbara Tennis Club

Enjoy Tennis in Tenerife at Santa Barbara Tennis Club, your sanctuary for unparalleled tennis experiences amidst the beauty of Tenerife.

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Experience the ease of reserving your court time with our intuitive booking system. Designed for your convenience, it enables effortless management of your play schedules.


Enjoy Santa Barbara Tennis Club Membership. Benefit from an array of special discounts and exclusive invitations, adding value to your tennis experience.

Tennis Lessons

Sharpen your game with our expert-led tennis lessons. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, our tailored coaching approach will elevate your skills to new heights.


Join exciting tournaments for all levels at Santa Barbara Tennis Club. State-of-the-art facilities, experienced coaches, and like-minded companions guarantee unforgettable games and improvement. Elevate your tennis game now!

Tennis Courts

Our tennis courts boast exceptional hard playing surface designed for optimal performance and comfort.

Tennis club is located in lovely canary islands

Visit us in Tenerife

Our tennis clubhouse is located in lovely island of Tenerife.

Clubhouse Preview

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