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Tennis Lessons in Tenerife

Hone your skills and technique with our team of professional coaches at Santa Barbara Tennis Club. Whether you’re an experienced player or a novice to the sport, our tailored tennis lessons will take your game to the next level.

Little Aces: Crafting Future Champions

Tennis Lessons for Kids

At Santa Barbara Tennis Club, we believe in nurturing talent from a young age. Our kid-friendly lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and foundational, introducing the game’s basic elements in an enjoyable environment. Our qualified coaches focus on hand-eye coordination, agility, and movement, fostering a love for the sport that can last a lifetime. Members get exclusive benefits and priority in scheduling.

First Serve: Mastering the Basics

Beginner Tennis Lessons

Take your first step into the world of tennis with our Beginner Tennis Lessons. Our professional coaches will guide you through the basics of the game, including serving, forehand, backhand, and volley techniques. In the backdrop of Tenerife’s natural beauty, enjoy learning at your own pace, building your skill and confidence. With our club membership, benefit from exclusive discounts on lessons and priority court booking.

Team Spirit: Learn, Improve, Socialize

Group Tennis Lessons

Our Group Tennis Lessons offer an exciting way to improve your skills while socializing with fellow tennis enthusiasts. Group sessions offer a dynamic learning environment, with drills designed to improve your strategy, fitness, and overall game play. Enjoy the camaraderie on our stunning courts, surrounded by the unforgettable Tenerife views. Club members enjoy special rates and flexible scheduling.

Court Masters: Elevate Your Game

Advanced and Intermediate Players Coaching

Take your tennis game to new heights with our advanced coaching sessions. Our expert coaches work with you to refine your techniques, develop effective strategies, and optimize your fitness level for superior performance. Benefit from personalized coaching plans tailored to your unique skill set and objectives. Enjoy your sessions amidst the unrivaled views offered by our premium courts. As a club member, take advantage of our priority booking system and exclusive discounts.

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Tennis club is located in lovely canary islands

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Our tennis clubhouse is located in lovely island of Tenerife.